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Item No.: KS-B-7Y-NNBH-1
IP Metered ATS of 7 ways UK, Two input of C20

* Switching time 8 ms ≤ 12 ms;
* IP Metered ATS of 7 ways UK;
* With Two of C20 input


Item Description
Product series Intelligent ATS (KS series)
Product Size W x D x H= 19“ x 248 x 44.45 mm
Mounting length 465 mm
Case color Black
Output 7 ports UK Two Input
C20 sockets
LED display Input/output voltage
Total load current
Power supply A or B line operating state
Function Automatic switch over power A and power B
Overload alarm When over 16A the ATS buzzer alarm and LED display shinning
Switching time (From "A" to "B" line): 8 ms ≤ 12 ms
Monitor the input A or B voltage, Total current, Total kwh Via WAN or LAN