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Item No.: KN-16I30-6E2G-NNBH-1
IP Networking Monitor whole PDU function, 6 ways Lock C13 + 2 ways Lock C19 sockets, 16A input PDU,19" of 1U


Item Description
Product series PN series – 1 (Monitor Total PDU, No Switchable)
Product Size Wx H x D = 485 x 44.4 x 202 mm
Mounting length 465 mm
Case color Black
Socket type Lock C13 10 A (6ways )
+Lock C19 16A (2 ways )
16A Industrial Plug(2P+E)
16A ( 3 x 2.5mm2 x 3m )
Function Illustration Parameter Note  
Working voltage Normal working AC90~250V    
Input/output current Max input/output current 16A
Working band Under normal working 47~60Hz    
Access port Net port 1 Via WAN or LAN monitor access or HUB function for Daisy chain 10/100Mb
Adaptive Networking
Net port 2    
Serial port Via Serial port monitor access RS485 port    
Sensor port Sensors access USB    
Access way HTTP/
Web browser access Adapt IE、FireFox inner core browser, support SSL;    
TELNET Simple command lines access /    
SSH Encryption command lines access Support SSHV2 version    
SNMP Support SNMP for centralized monitor Adapt SNMP v1、V2c、V3    
Operation system compatibility Support various operation system Windows/ linux etc.    
Secondary development Used for system integrate Opening protocol TELNET、SSH    
RS485 Customized protocol    
Software upgrade Manage software load Support manage software upgrade    
Software on circuit Support software upgrade on the circuit of hardware    
Monitor Monitor the input voltage Resolution:1V
Accuracy: ±1%+1 digit
Meter range: 90~350V
Monitor the total current Resolution: 0.1A
Accuracy: ±1%+1 digit
Meter range: 0.01~40A
Monitor the total kwh Resolution: 0.1KW·H
Accuracy: 1 grade
Monitor Environment Temperature Resolution:  1℃
Accuracy: ±1%+1 digit
Meter range: -30~100℃
Monitor Environment Humidity Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: ±1%+1 digit
Meter range: 01~99%
Monitor Environment Smoke Max: 25㎡available Optional  
Monitor water logging Water logging or drop monitor Optional  
Infrared monitoring The max monitor distance: 16m Optional  
Door open monitor Min. 5mm open distance available Optional  
Alarm limit setting Total current limit Auto identify limit rationality    
Temperature limit    
Humidity limit    
Outlets alarm Total current over limit alarm Local alarm ways: PDU buzzer alarm, sound and light alarm,
Remote alarm: SMS, SNMP TRAP, WEB page notice, TELNET/SSH notice
Display, Indicate LCD Screen( Hot Swap) The LCD show the current/voltage, inquiry products information, Alarm information;    
Menu button operation Inquiry information Inquiry product information, Alarm information, current etc.    
On/off Alarm sound Close/ open alarm sound    
Log record Alarm log Alarm log circle, Inquiry, export, stock, delete available    
Management User right limit Administrator, Normal user    
Outlets grouping Make group over PDU self sockets limit    
clock synchronization Regulate PDU system clock    
Intelligent recognition Outlets recognition Automatic read the sockets type and numbers    
Sensors recognition Sensors port no need be defined, Automatic read the sensors type and numbers    
Limit recognition When over limit, setting failure    
The MAX output current and PDU power Help user to limit facilities connect number and type    
Power factor recognition Help user to know the current consuming apparatus