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Item No.: KL-32I30-16D-NTBV-1
Local Monitor, 32A Circuit Breaker protection, Hotswap Surge protector, 16 ways Schuko, 32A input PDU

KL series PDU is Local monitor PDU with hotswap meter,
It can be monitored and controlled on-site to monitor the voltage, total current,
each ports current switch on/off per ports and Temperature/Humidity.
Input: 250 VAC,32 A CEE Blue Plug (2P+E)
Cable: 3×6.0mm2×3M
Sockets: 16 ways Schuko sockets
Protection One: 32A Circuit Breaker
Protection Two: Hotswap Surge protector
Color: RAL 9004 Black
Dimension: L×W×D= 1320×52×44.5mm
Main functions
1.  Local monitoring:
Total Load current
Total Voltage
Total Power and Energy
Temperature & Humidity ( When T/H sensor be added)
Input cable temperature monitor( With Temperature detection box)
2.  Set the limiting value to alarm
Limiting range of total load current
Limiting range of Temperature & Humidity
3.  LCD display 180 degree changeable
4.  RS485 port (Link to PC)