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Item No.: KL-32I30-9D-NHBH-3
Local Monitor and Switch with RS485 port, 9 ways Schuko, 32A input PDU

KL series PDU is Local monitor PDU with hotswap meter, It can be monitored and controlled on-site to monitor the voltage, total current, each ports current switch on/off per ports and Temperature/Humidity.
Input: 250 VAC,32 A CEE Blue Plug (2P+E)
Cable: 3×6.0mm2×3M
Sockets: 9 ways Schuko
Color: RAL 9004 Black
Dimension: W×D×H= 482.6×44.5×89mm
Main functions
1.  Local monitoring:
Total Load current
Total Voltage
Total Power and Energy
Temperature & Humidity ( When T/H sensor be added)
2.  Local switch on/off for each sockets
3.  Set the limiting value to alarm
Limiting range of total load current
Limiting range of Temperature & Humidity
4.  LCD display 180 degree changeable
5.  RS485 port (Link to PC)